Event Services

DJ Services



Sometimes it’s difficult to have a fun, high energy event, with both clean dancing and appropriate songs, all in the same place. That’s where we come in. Clean dancing and music are our specialties.  We strive to make great memories for the entire crowd, and create the atmosphere you’re looking for at your event.   We work with you to personalize a playlist to fit exactly what you want. We have created special request playlists such as Top Hits, Christian Hits, Country, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1980’s, etc.

Through the years, we have found that everyone has their own definition of “clean music,” so we respect your personal preference of what is appropriate, and will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.   We have DJ-ed events such as graduation parties, dances for public and private schools, city events, church events, and banquets.   Call us to get a quick and easy quote for your event.  Our prices range between $250 and $700 for most events.

Dance Lessons


We specialize in swing dancing but also teach the basics of many ballroom dances. Whether you have a large group at an event, or hoping to glide over the dance floor on the day of your wedding, our talented instructors will modify the dance lesson to provide you exactly what you desire.

Lessons at Your Event or Venue:

We bring the lesson to you. We have taught in public and private schools, churches, homes, outdoor parks and public venues.



Sometimes you need someone comfortable on a microphone to help make everything run smooth.  We do that.  Often times it comes as along with DJ services, but we do emceeing by itself too.   Here are some things an emcee can help with:

  • Keeping things on schedule
  • Running games and activities
  • Giving event details to guests



We have a whole branch of our business dedicated to weddings.  We have helped over 100 weddings and offer much more that just DJing.  Check out our wedding services Radiant Receptions.

Our Wedding services include:

  • DJ Services
  • Emcee
  • Reception Coordination
  • Ceremony Audio


Dance floor

$500 - $1000

Dance floor (No Sub-floor)

We love our low profile dance floor.  Coming from a dance background, we see the dance floor as a very important part of any event.  Here are some of the details of our floor.

  • Very low profile (Only 0.1 inches tall)

  • Only one seam

  • Great dance texture (not slippery but allows for smooth dancing)

This floor comes in a few sizes

  • 24'x28' (672 square feet) renting for $400

  • 28'x36' (1008 square feet) renting for $500

Our floor setup before a wedding a Christ the King in Ann Arbor.

Our floor setup before a wedding a Christ the King in Ann Arbor.

Dance Floor (With Sub-floor)

On grass, our floor is great too.  Perfect for a wedding or other dancing event.  We have a hard wood sub-floor that give the surface strength and the beautiful wood print laminate rolled over the top.  

Pole and Drape

$200 Plus $1/foot

Great for dividing a space or making walls look nice.